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The Making of a CEO: Firewalls

The Making of a CEO: Firewalls

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My business partner and I are building a blockchain based trade solution. The project is so big and has such a profound impact on the way trade routes are currently managed, it brings us both tremendous joy to brainstorm, create, and test our MVP (Minimum Value Proposition).

It was amazingly easy and fun to begin. Things aligned perfectly with exactly the right people at the right time. Business meetings were called, a Lean Canvas developed, a Trello roadmap defined, contacts at the recent Blockchain Conference acquired.

I have personally reached a firewall. Its symptoms are lack of flow and ease; obstacles, naysayers, confusion, patronising attitudes, and this heavy metallic knot in my stomach that wants unravelling.

Being a CEO means taking responsibility for all the work and due diligence that you and your team decide upon and execute. If I want passionate and committed people to give their time and money to my organisation, it is understood that I must be passionate and committed at all times. I am.

So what is this firewall about? This metallic knot in my stomach is certainly here to teach its lesson.

It’s around all the belief systems that I have inherited from all the cultures where I lived and breathed — Post Soviet Union Economic Collapse, Middle Eastern Aggressive Capitalist Growth, Spanish Post Financial Crisis Startup Scene, London FinTech World of Women.

I have attended enough conferences, panels and networking events where messages of:

‘It’s a boy’s club’

‘It’s super competitive’

‘It’s difficult for women’

Are reinforced over and over again. Then we get to shake hands, sympathise, have a drink and go home.

You know what?

That doesn’t work for me. That does not solve any of the challenges that I’m facing as a startup CEO nor provide me with any solutions I can actually apply and use.

I want to figure out how I can solve the indoctrination of cultural beliefs and messages in the next 40 minutes because I got work to do, ladies and gentlemen, and am not willing to allow these beliefs to mess with the job that needs to get done.

Here’s my solution.

Sabina Socoli, CEO of Anahur’s solution on how to overcome cultural indoctrination that disempowers you in order to achieve your goals in 40 minutes or less.

Minute 1–5: Notice and write down every belief you have inherited that makes you think you cannot make it.

It will start with: ‘It is__’ and end with ‘I wish ____’

Minute 5–10: Read each statement and ask, Is it true? Write it next to the statement — YES OR NO OR OF COURSE!

Minute 10–40: Write your own brand new beliefs, the exact opposite of the ones you have detected. Beliefs that are inspiring and make you feel good.

Here are some beliefs I’m willing to share.

  1. Everyone understands the implications of the premise of building systems that support life. They see how it will benefit our society as a whole and are inspired by their contribution to building a lasting legacy for generations to come. Realising how supporting life supports people is the most fundamental shift in the lens through which people view every single decision they make. It is a deep human need to live in a community, in a society where everyone is treated well, everyone has a chance to develop their skills to their full capacity and cooperate with others on projects that inspire them and make them happy. Human beings FUNDAMENTALLY need to feel like they have helped, made a difference and shared their contributions.
  2. It’s not my job to know everything. It is beyond my capacity as a human being to know everything. That’s why I have gathered the most amazing and talented team so we can pool our knowledge, skills and resources to accomplish our goals and have a lot of fun on the way.
  3. I am a CEO in training, wired to find the most effective solutions to any existing process, problem or challenge. Because I love what I do, all the work is simply me doing what I love most.

Thank you for reading. To inquire about our blockchain trade solution and how we are solving the issue of trade risk in the current political climate, please get in touch via LinkedIn.

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