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Code Like A Girl

The non TDD way of tailoring Software

A man came to a tailor and tried on a suit. As he stood before the mirror, he noticed the vest was a little uneven at the bottom.

“Oh,” said the tailor, “don’t worry about that. Just hold the shorter end down with your left hand, and no one will ever notice.” While the customer proceeded to do this, he noticed that the lapel of the jacket curled up instead of laying flat.

“Oh that?” said the tailor. “That’s nothing. Just turn your head a little and hold it down with your chin.”

The customer complied, and as he did, he noticed that the inseam of the pants was a little short and he felt that the rise was a bit too tight.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” said the tailor. “Just pull the inseam down with your right hand, and everything will be perfect.” The customer agreed and purchased the suit.

The next day he wore his new suit with all the accompanying hand and chin “alterations.” As he limped through the park with his chin holding down his lapel, one hand tugging at the vest, the other hand grasping his crotch, two old men stopped playing checkers to watch him stagger by.

“Lord O’ Mercy!” said the first man. “Look at that poor crippled man!”

The second man reflected for a moment, then murmured, “I reckon yes, the crippling is too bad, but you know I wonder…where did he get such a nice suit?”

And that my friends, is unfortunately how most software is tailored!