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The positive impact of sharing your STEM experiences

Last year I wrote an article about the relationship of engineering and sewing and how growing up at a sewing machine influenced me to become an engineer. It was towards the beginning of my experience sharing my experiences in STEM online and was one of my first popular pieces that got picked up by Code Like a Girl.

You can find the original article here:

The Engineering of Sewing

Out of the blue last month I got an email from Laura, a Science Instructional Coach at the Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy, telling me she was inspired by that article to create this new program in Atlanta centered on combining sewing and engineering to encourage young women of color in the STEM fields. More than half of her students are from low-income neighborhoods.

It continues to amaze me the reach of a simple article. Because I decided to share my experiences, there is now a new program working to encourage more girls in STEM. I am so excited about this program and cannot wait to see the amazing creations these young girls make as they explore STEM.

It really shows the power of a platform like Medium and the positive impacts of sharing your life experiences, whatever they may be. Getting messages like this really motivates me to keep going and continue sharing my experiences in science and engineering here!

If you want to learn more about Laura’s project, check out their project on Donors Choose which is now fully funded with $2,436! Donations are also open on her page to help support her next project.

STEM Sewing to Make a Difference for Women Globally | project by Ms. Pena