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Thoughts on coding bootcamp, week 1


1) They’re not joking when they say it takes energy and time — I’m ready for bed by 730pm. My brain is very happy, though. My brain hasn’t been this happy in a long while actually, and that’s something I require and a major reason I chose to learn how to code.

2) Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. The person struggling with the command line today may kick your ass at CSS tomorrow; the person flying through git today may not know anything about HTML tomorrow. Help each other whenever you can, knowing that you’ll be the one needing help soon enough.

3) Last week I couldn’t have put together any sort of code while listening to music. Right now I’ve got Talking Heads in my earbuds, the presidential debate on the TV, and I’m cruising through stuff no problem. THE BRAIN IS AMAZING.

4) I already can’t wait to get up in the morning and do it all again. The people in my class are smart, willing, and funny, and I know it’s soon but I feel like they’re going to make it all worth it.

5) My goodness, I am grateful for a supportive husband. He met me for a cocktail after class and is now cooking a delicious dinner while I finish up some homework. And he woke up with me to do this:

“First day of class” pics are a huge THING here in Utah.

Things which may be difficult:

6) Mondays. Class is in downtown SLC and on Mondays Dustin works a block away. He’s a blast to hang out with and we’re surrounded by tons of great bars and food, so I will be sorely tempted to meet him at 5 on Mondays, regardless of homework completion. (Really, it’s a pretty great thing to struggle with.)

7) Being around people for 10 hours a day. Introverts, you feel me.

8) Finding a way to concentrate when surrounded by noise. Today we had some reading to do. I have ADD, which I choose not to medicate. I wanted to put my headphones in with some white noise while reading but was afraid this would be misconstrued as being shut off from my classmates or unwilling to cooperate. I don’t want to alienate my fellow students; I will have to find this balance.


1) More gratitude for Dustin. I came home to Pimm’s Cups and a bacon-covered meatloaf. I mean, seriously!

2) Ugh, could not be more disinterested in a subject than I am in HTML/CSS. I know its importance and I know I’ll have to know it and I can do it but I am secretly praying I won’t have to deal with it constantly.

3) I could take the Trax directly to campus, but instead I’m walking the two miles from the train station through downtown, then back again at the end of the day. SLC has a lovely downtown. So clean. So many friendly people. It’s a good way to work exercise into my day and I’m already worried about what I’ll do when the snow and inversions come.

4) Still love my classmates, but by noon I am drained from being around people and all the auditory stimulation it brings. Today I barely had the energy to walk half a block to grab a sandwich, and I was desperate to find a quiet little green space where I could sit and eat my lunch alone to recharge. Luckily my twitter followers had some great locale suggestions I’ll need to check out. So far, I think this is going to be my biggest struggle. I love the lively discussion during lectures, and helping or being helped by my deskmate, but if I don’t force myself to take those moments to be quiet and alone, I’m not going to make it. At a workplace I imagine it to be easier — surely I can go for a brief walk or hell, even hide in a bathroom stall if worse comes to worse. I am now fully coming to understand the word IMMERSIVE.


1) First day I wanted to flip off my computer. Forget you, CSS and your stupid :first-child, :last-child rules (this got better by the end of the day and I ended up gladly turning to it for the weekend assignment).

2) Gratitude today turns towards my classmates, teacher, and campus director. These people are the bomb.

3) Still exhausted, but not by being around others — just by the material. Two days in a row now I’ve tried to plan running a super short errand after class and just haven’t had it in me to do so.


1) We tried out a version of mob programming today, and while I enjoyed it and could immediately see the benefits, I think it’s tough to do when no head navigator is designated. It becomes easy for some to fly under the radar, or to not feel valid/needed enough to share their ideas.

2) There was a discussion on work-life balance at lunch. I’m of the opinion that as long as employees allow ridiculous working hours to happen, they’ll keep happening. For 15 years I put my career ahead of everything else in my life, and I ended up paying for it dearly. I won’t do it again. I’m determined to always be in a position where I can walk away from a job that demands too much of me and my family.

3) A regional gent presented on Iron Yard career services and gave us some things we can start doing today, including updating our CV, social networking, and finding 10 companies we think we might want to work for. Right now I only know of one company, so looks like I have some work to do.

4) Much-needed easier day at TIY. We are three days in and I’m already a walking zombie and sleeping through alarms. My body hurts from sitting down so much, and my neck is demanding I get to the Apple store and get a stand/keyboard.


1) We have to present every week — eek! Following up on what Shawn spoke about yesterday, I presented on the benefits of social media networking as I’ve experienced them. I hate presenting. I never know what to do with my hands (note to self, next time hold the laptop and have something to project), I struggle to make eye contact, and just generally don’t like having attention on me. I may have been the worst presenter but hey, I survived and that’s part of what this class is for — a safe zone where we can fail (and often fail together). Loved getting to know my classmates even more through their super cool presentations.

2) Got a keyboard, stand, and mouse, and my neck is going to be so happy! Excited about the weekend assignment we were given and am looking forward to plugging in some music to my ears and just going to town.

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