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Thoughts on coding bootcamp, week 2


1) We opened with some Markdown exercises. I can see its usefulness when blogging about things in specific languages. Despair as I think, “Will I ever get to that point?!”

2) Iron Yard students are expected to teach crash courses to the public, and take turns hosting the JS Learners group. This is awesome but terrifying. Who wants to be the teacher/host unable to answer questions, so students feel they wasted their time?

3) We reviewed our weekend projects in class (here is my GitHub page for it) and discussed what makes good visual design. It was actually pretty fascinating, which surprised me. Imagine knowing all the things that the eye expects and then how to make those things happen!

4) The global day of code is coming up and I want to participate, but I’d hate to get partnered with someone who has to carry me and do all the work. I am not a person who rides on others’ coattails and doesn’t contribute!


1) Okay, so CSS and all its inheritances is pretty dang cool. I can imagine it’s hard to be really good at CSS, which is funny since so many people dismiss it as easy, or as ‘not programming.’ But this person could be hella important on a team. I kind of want to go do all the learning on CSS now, but no time for that yet — JavaScript starts today.

2) We were given 5 JS problems as homework. I had a rubber duck moment with one — I was venting to my husband about how I couldn’t figure out how to do the Rovarspraket and as I was explaining it, it dawned on me exactly how to do it. Rubber ducking is not limited to tech of course — he responded that earlier that day, as soon as he started explaining a new process to his team, he realized he’d made a mistake and what it was.


1) Playing with JavaScript is fun, even if I’m writing the smallest, simplest function. So much more fun than HTML/CSS! (Sorry, my first week friends — you’re still cool, but…) I was familiar with the built-in methods for arrays but I had no idea strings had the same sort of thing and this just made my day. Spent a half hour reading up on regexes and am excited for when we are allowed to use those.

2) My poor spouse. Probably any poor significant other of a bootcamp student. He has to deal with me texting him little snippets of code I write, or showing him what I did at the end of the day because I’m so excited. He’s willing to listen even if he doesn’t understand, of course — because he’s the best.


1) JavaScript comes easy to me, but it doesn’t come naturally. Does that make sense? Once I’m shown or figure out how to do something, I get it pretty quickly, but as for being able to pull out of my head a hundred different solutions to whatever is presented to me — nah, that’s not me. Not yet anyway. Accounting was the same way at first, but I did get to that ‘natural’ point eventually (after about 8 years, haha).

2) We did some more mob programming today. I thought I would dislike being the head navigator but I ended up enjoying myself immensely. I’m surrounded by smart people; when I need input or ideas everyone is ready to help out. I feel super lucky to be in this specific cohort.


1) Presentation day! Turns out presentations aren’t all that bad once I’ve had time for the slightest bit of preparation. Inspired by this blog post by Rob Martin, I presented on collaboration in tech, how mob programming is one of the ways we collaborate, and how we can be better collaborators. My five minutes was up way too soon.

2) For weekend homework we were given a project quite beyond what we’ve learned in class, but that’s okay — our instructor has given us the resources and techniques to find answers to our questions, so I’m still excited to give the assignment a try!

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