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Thoughts on coding bootcamp, week 4

Oof. Week 4 of bootcamp was tough. Tuesday morning found me feeling very down on the way to school. I wanted to quit. The day before, we’d been given an assignment using APIs, and I couldn’t get one small part of mine figured out. The issue wasn’t even getting the Ajax call to work — it was getting down into the right level of each object as I pushed them to the DOM in a table. This is the story of my JavaScripting life: knowing conceptually what I need to do and knowing how to do it, but missing one tiny piece of the puzzle. Terribly frustrating! But by Tuesday afternoon I’d solved my problem and was feeling good about the world. This lasted until Saturday, when I went to my third meetup of the week, and it all came crashing down again.

I’d wanted to quit in week 3, too. Actually, if I don’t want to quit at least 3 times in a week, I consider it a good week. Before bootcamp started, I had naive worries about the schedule, my class, the location. I never suspected the real battle would be convincing myself to keep going back. Every. Single. Day. Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely adore my classmates, our instructor, the campus director…everything about The Iron Yard, really — but it is hard to get a third of the way into this and still feel like I know basically nothing. Every day I feel like I am repeatedly throwing myself against a brick wall, with naught to show for it but a mutilated sense of self-worth.

(Pretty dramatic, right? I know.)

I’m trying to trust that this isn’t reality. That my brain is absorbing the things it needs to, and it’s all going to come together eventually. I asked a local Iron Yard alumni if she ever stopped feeling like she didn’t know anything, and she said it was in week 11 of 12. 7 weeks away. If you find yourself experiencing this during coding bootcamp, you’ll want to know how to hang on until then. Here’s what’s working for me so far.

Trust your instructor. So many times I’ve felt behind and didn’t want to do the morning exercises from our instructor; I’d want to read up on things to fill in the holes in my learning. But two days later, I would find myself relying on what I had learned during the morning exercises. Even when it’s frustrating, go with it!

Look back over your notes from previous weeks of class. Do you need those notes anymore? No, because you know that stuff by heart now. Tell yourself that in the future you won’t need the notes you’re relying on today. You will make progress!

Immerse yourself! You might as well, right? Read a JS book on the train, listen to a JS podcast on the walk, read JS blog posts in the morning with your coffee. Right before I go to bed, I like to give my brain one last concept to play with while I’m sleeping. The JS dreams are getting exhausting, it’s true — but if it helps me learn, I’m willing to deal with it.

Go to meetups for rejuvenation and inspiration!! I’ve mentioned that I’m terrified of meetups, but I go anyway — because no matter how bad my day has been, I always come away feeling amazing. Even the meetup on Saturday, which I felt woefully unprepared for and almost walked out of halfway through, reminded me that hey, I may not know anything yet, but JavaScript is still completely fascinating to me and I am on the right path.

It is so much info. Your brain is processing it whether you realize it or not. Hang in there. You can do it!

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