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To the Men That Believed in a Woman in Tech

I’ve said a lot about being a woman in tech and how difficult it can be, but I want to take this space to also talk about the mentors that open spaces for women and that believe that women deserve the same opportunities, and helped me create a path in tech.

To Marcos Barraza for offering me a job designing web pages and teaching me flash animation.

To Julio Garduño for teaching me front-end development and UX design.

To Pablo Covarrubias and Nori for giving me paid months to learn back-end development and project management.

To Eduardo Iwai, for teaching me all I needed to become a product designer and manager.

To Marco López and Alberto Saracho for trusting they can have a woman leader in tech in their consortium.

To all of you, thank you for believing in an a woman in tech.

It is in part because you believe in equality, that I am now a woman leader in tech.

Let’s continue changing that.