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To what extent is zero code automation effective?

When talking about automation of processes without code, the great promise is that the product enables the business analyst to model the process and make it available for execution without the need of coding.

In the scenario in which we live, this proposal is extremely attractive since the organizations seek to give more agility to their activities to get ahead in the market. Then the idea of ​​modeling processes and performing what is represented in the modeling without a software development team seems be the solution to all problems.

However, things are not so simple, because in every organization there is information that needs to be manipulated in a variety of ways to be used during the execution of the process. It is clear that the participation of the information technology (IT) professional is of great importance at that moment, because it has mastery with respect to the treatment of information that already exists in the systems of the organization. And through programming, it is possible to manage this in a more usable and effective way.

I order to obtain good results with Business Process Management System (BPMS) tools, it is necessary for those responsible for the area of ​​business that will use BPMS to have a technical knowledge of the tool so that they can make the most of the resources it provides. It is also necessary that they know how to construct interfaces that will be used during the execution of the activities. These interfaces can be forms for example, and at that moment the presence of the IT professional is also necessary, because when a process is modeled without IT participation, the synthetic functions of the tool being used are limited.

Thus, the need for IT participation in the area of ​​business is evident because the systems analyst can help the business analyst to set up the process by identifying existing software artifacts, those that need to be developed (with or without a code) and those that need to cease to exist.

Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to know how much BPMS will be effective in the automation of processes because doing this type of automation without using other technology resources to obtain and manipulate information is not very effective and will most likely not add value to the organization and their processes.