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Top 10 Thoughts I Have When I See Women Accomplishing Things

Top 10 Thoughts I Have When I See Women Accomplishing Things

Women supporting women is the best thing ever

I love supporting other women and reading about women’s achievements in tech, media, and writing. I also love seeing women at networking events or at award ceremonies being successful at what they do. Even better if they are Women of Color or women from other underrepresented groups.

And although I am not usually brave enough to walk up to those women and tell them what I am thinking, I thought I would do it here:

  2. I see you, and I appreciate you and I hope that this event helps you find what you’re looking for.
  3. You are going to do some amazing things in your career.
  5. You look amazing and you probably are pretty amazing.
  6. If you’re nervous, just know that we’re all here for you.
  8. You seem pretty cool and I hope we end on working on a project one day in the future.
  9. YES! I would love to grab some tea and discuss ideas and sources and go over each other’s resumes!
  10. We are going to get it done!

A lot of women have shown me love and support during these last few years and I’m excited to show it back. Online networks like this publication have been a never ending source of inspiration and ideas for me, which I sorely needed after having a hard time with writing and finding jobs in 2016 and 2017.

So if you feel like you’ve begun stagnate or if you need an extra cheer after a long week, or month, or year… consider that there are many other women who look up to you and support the heck out of you and your career aspirations.

So ladies, let’s keep supporting each other. And let’s keep creating.