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Top 5 Females In Blockchain You SHOULD Be Following

In my last article I talked a lot about the inspirational women in tech over the last 200 years. But what about the women now? What about the women leading our blockchain realm to greater heights? Who should we look to for motivation and encouragement? Well, here are the list of the top 5 females in blockchain that you SHOULD be following.

  1. Preethi Kasireddy @iam_preethi

Preethi has made her way into the world of cryptocurrency by making a name for herself as a Blockchain Engineer and alumni of CoinBase, Goldman Sachs, and Andreessen Horowitz. That’s quite the resume, if I do say so myself. Her recent career move was to say goodbye to the tech capital, Silicon Valley, and move to Los Angeles to explore her own business ventures. Preethi shares her knowledge of Blockchain development via twitter and blogs, while showing the world there is more to crypto then just trading. Preethi has become a role model for all women in tech and crypto. She’s our number one, on our list of five.

2. Laura Shin @laurashin

Quite the impressive women, Laura Shin is one of Forbes Senior Editors who primarily focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain. Her topics range from Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICO’s, Blockchain, tech improvements and trading. Among many of her talents, she hosts a podcast called ‘Unchained’. She discusses her blockchain topics with industry leaders across the world. She has covered topics concerning blockchain in regards to health services, financial services, and government improvements. Laura is not asleep at the wheel, and if the name of the game is staying informed, you’ve found your gal.

3. Meltem Demirors @Melt_Dem

She’s young alright, and we love it! Meltem Demirors is the Director of Digital Currency Group. From what we can gather, she’s the glue that holds it all together, so to speak. Her day job for the Digital Currency Group involves keeping investors, partners, portfolio companies, and traders on the same page. Her credentials don’t stop there, she also teaches at MIT and is an active participant and member of the Global Future Council on Blockchain at the World Economic Forum. Yep, she’s pretty impressive, we know. Follow her on twitter for any crypto insights you might be missing.

4. Perianne Boring @PerianneDC

Perianne Boring, is nothing like her last name suggests. This blockchain vixen is the Founder & President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. What else does she do? She happens to be a Blockchain Professor at Georgetown. Recently named one of the 10 most influential people in Blockchain by Coindesk, this woman strives for the acceptance and understanding of digital and blockchain technology. She even writes the Blockchain column in Forbes called, “The Beauty of Blockchain.” She is active on twitter and on campus. Keep following Perianne in news to come, as she’ll be featured on the new Blockchain Documentary called “Beyond Bitcoin.”

5. Tiffany Hayden @haydentiff

We wanted to add Tiffany to the list, to show all women that they don’t have to be inventors to be a powerful asset. Tiffany has a large twitter following, and is considered a pioneer in the crypto world. She’s been in the industry for over 6 years, she works as the Community Manager at Edge Secure, which is a multi-asset Blockchain Wallet company. She is ranked as one of the Top 100 Blockchain Influencers of her time, and shares her knowledge openly on the web. She gives her opinion, talks constructively with other enthusiasts, and attempts to educate and promote Blockchain. We’d say she’s definitely one of the Crypto babes you should be keeping track of.

We hope we’ve inspired you to keep learning, keep dreaming, and keep trading.

Until next time!