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Top Blogs Young Women In Technology Should Follow

As a communications student living in the dawn of the internet, I inherently turn to blogs as a medium for exploration, education, and inspiration. Similar to the experience of wandering a garden, like many digital media enthusiasts, I find myself lost to the internet daily.

However, on my journey from communications to code, I found it difficult to find bloggers that were able to successfully merge technology and communications.

Below is a list of blogs I’ve found over the years by young women in technology whose abuse of Instagram stories won’t make you cringe. Before reading ahead be warned that although it’s ok to admire bloggers for their success, remember that one cannot be an individual without imperfection or obtain success without struggle.

1. Laura Medalia, @codergirl_

When she isn’t showing off her favorite new ironic tech t-shirt, Laura is documenting her experience as a software engineer in New York. Laura’s blog is evidence that technology can be creative, cross-disciplinary, and fun.

2. Google, Made with Code

Since I discovered Made with Code by Google two years ago, I haven’t stopped admiring it since. Although the blog is aimed at girls in middle school and high school, their content is always beautiful, inspiring, and useful.

3. Mayuko, hellomayuko

There is nothing I love more than a good youtube video, so when I discovered Mayuko’s youtube channel I immediately disregarded all my work to watch all of her videos. Mayuko is a senior iOS Engineer at Patreon, who has gracefully mastered the art of the vlog in her spare time.

4. @peoplewithlaptops

People with Laptops is the Humans of New York for technologists. The account features a diverse group of individuals and their laptop, accompanied by a mini story.

6. Tamara Johanna, @tamarajohanna_

Tamara Johanna is a Senior Salesforce Marketing Cloud Campaign Manager at Salesforce. I love Tamara’s content because she is not narcissistic like most other bloggers (all the pictures aren’t of her). Her content is authentic and encourages followers to live a healthy lifestyle.

6. Kathryn Hodge, @blondiebytes

Blondie Bytes has everything a tech girl could ever want from a blog — tutorials, podcasts, videos, and probably more I don’t yet know about. Run by Kathryn Hodge, a software developer at a media company, Blondie Bytes never fails to be a constant source of advice and wisdom.

7. Sasha Tran,

A mix of beautiful CSS animations and artsy laptop pictures, this blog is perfect for aspiring designers and front-end developers.

8. Lori-Lee Emshey, @lorilee.emshey

Lori-Lee is the co-founder of an AR startup, who appears to be a work-life balance master. This account is for anyone who loves fitness, AR/VR, and travel.

9. Adrienne Tacke, @adrienne.tacke

Adrienne Tacke, a Software Developer at DebTrader, is a great resource for aspiring engineers. Every week she posts pictures answering her user’s questions about her career, technologies she uses, and other questions about her journey as a Filipina woman in technology.

10. tech.ladies

I’m not a huge fan of tech ladies because I think their content is bland and monotonous, but if you like inspirational quotes and pictures of random celebrities this is the account for you.

Want more blogs to follow? Below is a list of more blogs to follow that didn’t make it into the top ten.

11. Sophie Krüger, @Coding Miss Sophie

“Software Developer ▪ Studying Computer Science alongside the job ▪ Transitioned from Online Marketing to IT ▪ Hamburg, Germany”

12. Binary Beauty

“The ultimate tech + lifestyle resource for women and girls that represent the new standard of beauty and brains”

13. Yasmin, @omgshecodes

I’m Yas and perhaps y(our) least expected #CompSci student. Founder of @majoringmommys Germany-based

14. Steph Blondet, @steph.blondet

“Steph | Web & iOS Developer ‍ Front-end developer writing about tech, design, and sharing life as a latina woman in tech. in New services and blog”

15. Flor Antara, @techflor

“ ‍ #girlintech FrontEnd Engineer (#html #css #javascript => #reactjs ) 〰️ From Argentina Living in Seattle 〰”

16. Chasity M. Williams, @chasitymwilliams

“Tech Entrepreneur | Kellogg EMBA Candidate”

17. Marie-Philippe, @girlknowstech

‍ Software Engineering Student ‍♀️ Tech Blogger & YouTuber Montreal Visit my blog and YouTube channel ⬇️

Code Like A Girl (@code_likeagirl) * Instagram photos and videos

18. Dinah Davis, @code_likeagirl

Our goal is to change the perceptions of #WomenInTech by #Amplifying their voices.#codelikeagirl run by Dinah Davis

Have a favorite blog that I missed? Comment the name and link down below to have it added to our list!