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“Until the Lion Learns How to Write, Every Story will Glorify the Hunter”- Part 2 The Results

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“Until the Lion Learns How to Write, Every Story will Glorify the Hunter” — Part 2: The Results

About a month ago I wrote this story about struggling to find “best of” lists for non-fiction books on business, tech, startups, etc written by women. I asked for your recommendations of books that fit this description, and promised to compile everything sent in to me and share it back out.

I did receive a few suggestions. A very few, and not all fell into the categories I was looking for.

I am grateful for those who took the time to send me their recommendations of books that they liked so much that they wanted to share them with others. The list of everything I received is below.

But I want to take a minute to reflect on this exercise and what came of it.

I published the request in two different stories, in two different publications (see below). I did the usual sharing through twitter and Facebook, and they were picked up on Hacker News and shared onward through various other forums. The stories, and therefore the request, received almost 500 views and 40 recommends.

Where my requests for recommendations originally appeared:

I got ten books recommended by two women.

I am wondering what this means. It could mean that no one else bothered to submit their recommendations for books. But it could also mean that the books written by women in these subjects just aren’t out there or are not good enough for people to recommend them.

What other reasons could there be? I would be interested in your views.

Because if it is the latter- that women are not writing about their areas of expertise or capturing in writing their years of experience, or that publishers aren’t bothering to take them on, or that they are languishing on shelves not being read for whatever reason, we need to do something about that. We, meaning all of us women who are intelligent, experienced, and capable, and have valuable stories to share.

Maybe we are all too busy with the multiple facets of our lives and our many roles and responsibilities to carve out time and space to sit down and write.

Maybe we have fallen into that trap of thinking that we have nothing original to say, or that we have to have everything perfect before we start, or that no one wants to hear what we have to say.

Maybe we think we simply don’t know enough, or as much as the next guy, to be worthy of sharing the contents of our minds.

I would argue against all of these statements. We can’t afford not to find the time and space to write. The world in our books will always look like it does to men, in our lessons, in our “daughters’” eyes as they try and explore and learn about career paths and look for examples of how to be leaders, or experts, or entrepreneurs.

Also, everyone’s experience is unique. Even if you have trod the exact same path as someone else, experiencing it through your own eyes in your own life context brings a new aspect of learning that no one else can claim.

I am currently finishing my own first non-fiction book on a model of management analysis I devised because it feels important to practice what I preach.

I must go away and continue to ponder this situation though, as it bothers me a great deal and I don’t have any answers. I am still very interested in your views, and of course in your recommendations of books written by women in this space.

Read on for the list of book recommendations that I received. I have not read them yet, and have included all the ones I received whether they strictly met what I was looking for or not. They are still important to share. And another big Thank You to those who submitted them.

Books recommended by Code Like A Girl readers

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