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Recently I wrote an article whose theme is The good side of being a woman in technology.
In this article I mentioned some good points of being a woman in technology and a few days later Medium called me one of the best women writers in this category.

Medium’s e-mail informing me of the title they had given me o/

This made me very happy because I really like to write, and in a way that motivated me since I’m not a professional writer and honestly speaking, I’m pretty far from being.

The topic of this article is very interesting, because I wrote it at a time when I was having difficulties in my career because I had just lost my job because the company I was working in was experiencing financial problems, so they opted to send the staff away. It was the first time I had lost a job and I had really been very saddened by the whole situation.

But then you must be wondering how I managed to write about the positive side of being a woman in IT going through such a situation?

The explanation is very simple: I put in my mind that my career was composed by moments, and I had lived several, some very good, others very difficult and bad, but all this was part of my career, regardless of whether it was good or not. All this made me grow up somehow and I knew that the situation I was going through would one day end.

At that moment I found myself practicing one of the points I quoted in my article:

I’ve come to believe in myself more.
Working in tech showed me how to get through a lot of difficult situations and helped me build my resilience. At the beginning these challenges were discouraging, but now they are motivating. I see them as challenges to be overcome.

A week after I was fired, I got a new job and went back into the job market!

I have always had as motivation to encourage and empower women through technology and here at #CodeLikeAGirl I have this opportunity. I am very grateful to this amazing community for being a free space for us women to express ourselves and consequently to amplify our voices in technology!

This article is not meant to tell only how I got into this category of writers. This article is to show you that the good side of being a woman in technology is to fight every day not only for your space in the area but for the space of all women who are IT and those who still will be.

Thank you for reading everything we’ve written!
Thank you Medium for recognition and encouragement!
Thank you Dinah Davis and Andressa Chiara for being so welcoming and incredible!
Thank you Code Like a Girl!

All of you who help and encourage women’s participation in IT are top women in tech!