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Why I Got Involved in the Male Dominated World of Crypto

Hey there! I’m a crypto enthusiast, investor, and a woman.

I first heard about Bitcoin in 2011, and although I didn’t buy any at the time, I thought it was mind-blowing. In 2014, I researched the possibility of using Bitcoin to finance microloans in Kenya, but I was in college and the idea never materialized.

I studied math and business in college and enjoyed explaining Bitcoin’s inherent value to my liberal arts friends (spoiler: they didn’t grasp it). I had a summer internship writing code and hosting Bitcoin exchange parties. However, I still didn’t hold any Bitcoin; I was interested in its possibilities and use cases more than the potential market value.

Fast forward to 2016 and the rise of altcoins. When my husband became involved in crypto and started trading BTC, ethereum, and other coins, we eagerly watched his portfolio rise and fall and had many conversations about the future of crypto. I still wasn’t personally managing a crypto portfolio, but I LOVED dreaming about how crypto could (and would) change the world.

I recently began my own portfolio management, perhaps wondering to myself why it’s taken this long to put my money where my heart is. Although I understand the world of finance and enjoy a good Excel spreadsheet more than anyone I know, charts and percentage gain isn’t why I love blockchain technology.

I love blockchain because it has potential to alter our social AND financial landscape.

It’s exciting to think that in the not-so-distant future, our finances and mediums of exchange won’t just be about crunching numbers. I, as an individual, can contribute to our collective well-being and social structures without having a particular income bracket, social standing, or political agenda.

When I look around at my fellow blockchain enthusiasts, I am grateful for what they’ve taught me, their fantastic ideas, and the value they are creating. But, I don’t see many people like me. Women have a unique intuition and perspective, and crypto needs us to join the community of developers and early adopters. It’s not so much that women are missing out — crypto itself is missing out on the strengths we possess.

So here I am, excited to be actively involved in blockchain after years on the fringe. Join me as I consider the role of women in the newest wave of the future.

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***Shoutout to Perianne Boring for inspiring me to envision professional women in blockchain leadership.