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Why I haven’t Committed to a Side Project

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I studied Computer Science and I work as a Software Engineer, and yet I have a hard time committing to a project of my own. It is not that I don’t like coding, I enter into a blocked state where I don’t conclude my own project.

I have no trouble getting started on picking up a new technology. I find the resources online, and do the tutorials, and watch pluralsight videos, and I love this. However, I noticed a pattern. I tend to stop after the tutorials. Why? Because I find myself in a blocked state; now it’s time for me to come up with an idea.

What can I build? Who would use it? How will it look? How will it scale? How performant will fetching data be? And so on… My head starts filling up with question after question, and I become overwhelmed, I don’t git commit to a project. I want to change this.

Having conversations with other people in tech helped me realize the push that I need. A common theme that I noticed is that people think of any idea and start working on it because they will learn a specific portion. For example: wire up authentication, manipulate images, send email from an app. Even if the idea does not seem useful or if the idea already exists, they commit to it, because it will teach them portions of a framework, language, or app development that they haven’t been exposed to. This is exactly what I am determined to shift in my mind set to. I will set aside all the questions that overwhelm me. I will create a project (I’m thinking an iOS App in Swift), because I want to get familiar with iOS mobile apps. With this I will be acquiring skills/tools and when I come up with a better idea I will be able to work on that and apply what I’ve learned with the not-so-interesting projects.

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