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On Monday morning IBM SVP Arvind Krishna delivered a keynote address to the Consensus 2017 conference describing many of the blockchain projects that IBM is driving. There are nine networks already in production. It’s exciting. Especially for technologists.

After my five year MBA reunion, I spent time thinking deeply about why I work for IBM, and I’ve realized it’s not about the technology. I’m here because I see blockchain poised to change the world, and I want to shape and direct that change.

The future is coming fast and furiously all around us. Technology is changing our lives in new and unknown ways. That can be scary, but I see blockchain emerging as the TRUST PLATFORM for the future:

– For the 2bn+ people who will join the formal economy over the next few decades

– For parents, who want to make sure the food they give their children is healthy and safe

– For artists, who want to share their art with the world

– For farmers who want to make sure their goods get to global markets

– For migrant workers sending money home to their families

– For companies who are looking to make our lives safer, better, healthier etc

– For governments for looking to keep their citizens safe, attract tourists and grow new industries

– For patients looking to control their medical data, identity and privacy

– For dreamers who are looking to change the world with code

I get out of bed every morning excited to work with and for all of these people. I’ve been inspired by the incredible heroes driving us towards this future:

– Shaun Frankson is working to remove plastic from the environment before it gets to the ocean through Social Plastic and the Plastic Bank

– Nyimbi Odero of the ICT Ministry, who is looking to secure students’ academic records and register citizen’s land holdings to drive economic opportunity in Kenya

This innovation is coming from every corner of the globe and is happening at lightning speed in markets like Dubai, Singapore, Korea, China and Africa. I actually started my time in IBM Blockchain training hundreds of clients and IBMers across the Middle East and Africa, exploring how blockchain can help industries and individuals leapfrog their current economic realities.

To achieve this promise of a trusted future, that trust platform must be:

– Openly governed to avoid conflicts of interest, murky motives, and control by those with nefarious intent

– Scalable to deliver trust to 6bn people, millions of companies, and trillions of transactions

– Secure to ensure privacy and confidentiality, so the world can feel comfortable with this new approach

As I see it, IBM is one node in the network of trust, and we are working with developers, startups, non- profits, governments and companies to build this global platform of trust. It’s real. It’s here now. We’ve worked with nearly 500 companies, 5000 developers, and we are just getting started.

I’m excited about building that, and I hope you are too.