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“Why is it so cold in here?” and other things you notice being the only woman in the office

“Why is it so cold in here?” and other things I’ve noticed being the only woman in the office

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Working in tech, I’ve found that I am often the only woman in the office or one of few. In my previous career, I worked mostly with women and now that the office is mostly men, I noticed some similarities in the things me and a few other women in tech talk about.

It’s always cold

Every morning my jacket greets me from my desk chair. It lives there now, never to return home, because the office is always cold. During the Summer my male co-workers come in with shorts and flip flops and I roll in with my fall clothes and possibly an extra pair of socks. I hid a portable heater under my desk for the extra cold days and snicker when I hear the guys ask, “why is it so hot in here?” I don’t know my fellow male colleagues, because I am freezing at the moment.

The women’s bathroom is empty

It’s like having your own personal bathroom that someone else cleans! I no longer have to think about my poor lunch choices and if they will come back to haunt me, I have 5 bathroom stalls all to myself!

There are no bathroom breaks during long meetings

Ever go to a meeting that was supposed to be 1 hour and then it turned into 3 or 4 hours? I can usually get through those without a break, unless it’s that time of the month. “Oh, this meeting is only one hour I can change my tampon when it’s done….” NEVER AGAIN. I’ve made peace with the fact that my male colleagues probably think I have an extremely weak bladder, when in reality I just want to make sure my pants don’t look like a murder scene.

I can wear the same outfit twice in a week

I’m not sure when the workplace became a fashion show, but I’m happy to not have to talk about where I got what pair of shoes anymore. I don’t know if my male co-workers notice when I wear the same outfit and just don’t care, or if they just don’t notice at all (I have a strong feeling it’s the latter).

No one talks about being on a diet

The days of constantly talking about who is on what diet are over! Ever felt guilty eating that burger when all the other ladies were having a salad? I remember those days too, but they’re gone now. There is no gossip on who passed out from only drinking juice for 3 weeks. I also drink juice, it just happens to be with a side of extra bacon pizza.