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Why It’s Important To Have Women In Your Life Who Succeed

Strong confident women are drawn to each other. My friends are quite successful for collectively all being under 25. I feel proud as punch to have them in my life. They’re the type of women that elevate other women. I’ve seen too many women in my life who don’t do this, and it makes you truly appreciate the women who do. Women who elevate each other put their jealousy aside, their insecurities out of mind, and show their competitive streak the door. You’re the average of the people you spend the most time with, so it’s important you keep good company. We are greatly influenced by those around us. I certainly know that the women around me influence who I am and could become.

This article isn’t to brag about how great my friends are, it’s to convince you why you need friends, colleagues and family like them. You can’t visualise success until you see it. It’s hard to know what ‘best practice’ is without first seeing it in practise.

Learning to celebrate another woman’s success is one of the most beautiful qualities a person can have. And I’m talking about genuine, sincere elevation. Sometimes we can feel insecure and jealous. We’ve all been there. But it’s what you do with those feelings that really matters. It takes a strong capable woman to push those thoughts aside and elevate those around her. By embracing other people’s achievements we are paving the way for our own success. The old adage, ‘treat others how you would like to be treated’ rings true here.

Here is why I think it’s so important to surround yourself with successful women:

They’re super inspiring

Nothing fills my heart with more warmth than seeing women succeed despite all odds. Perseverance, skill, confidence, and resilience are all traits I truly believe we all have, they just sometimes get overshadowed by negative thoughts. Successful women are idea machines, they love nothing more than to toss around a few good thoughts with you. Usually they’re doing something they are passionate about, and want you to feel that way too. They can be an incredible motivator.

We become like them

I bet you were happy to read that heading. It’s true, by surrounding yourself with successful, confident women, their traits will start to rub off on you. Particularly if you’re someone who is very self-aware with a growth mindset. Successful women push us to be our best, to become a master in our field, and to live out our dreams.

They can relate to us

You aren’t born an overnight success unless you’re an offspring of a celebrity. They understand where we are starting from. You are not the only one struggling. Look at the women around you as a blueprint for life and how to deal with all the adversities it throws your way.

They take action

Successful women are action-orientated. They don’t just sit around talking about ideologies, they’re living and breathing it. By living out their dreams, they’re inspiring us to shoot for the stars.

They identify potential

These type of women are familiar with the characteristics needed to push through. And they are quick to identify when they see it. Having women in our lives who see our value can be a huge factor in our success. Passion is contagious. When we can’t see it ourselves, these women are there to pat you on the back and tell you exactly why they believe in you. Let these women enrich your lives, and make you a better person, friend, and worker. Take a leaf from their book and ensure you’re elevating the women around you. Everyone will benefit, including you.

Do you have women like this in your life? Tell me more.

Originally published at on September 10, 2016.

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