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Why Latinas Equal Pay Day Matters

I got an email from Julene Allen, the Chair of Lean In Women of Color, a couple weeks ago, asking me if I would participate in Latinas Equal Pay Day by offering a tip to other Latinas. What an honor!

Today is the actual day so it went live. Here’s a page with various tips, including mine at the end.

There are a wealth of awesome Latinas represented in the project, offering tips regarding a diverse range of jobs.

These days, what I know is what is software engineering, particularly for the web. I encourage Latinas to get in the field. It’s not easy, both on an intellectual and emotional level, but the pay can be fantastic and the work can be rewarding.

The statistics on the Latinas Equal Pay Day site are startling. Basically, they report that Latinas are not making decent wages and they’re suffering for it.

I’ve been there. But one day I couldn’t take it anymore, and I decided to give being a software engineer a try because those guys (yes, mostly I saw men being software engineers) made damn good money. And now, here I am, making that coin, and buying a house with my own money.

It’s possible for all of us, and we have to help each other get there. Latinas Equal Pay Day reminds us that there’s a problem, and also, there are things we can do to right this ship, support each other, and get that money. Plenty of Latinas have done it and it’s up to us to help others rise up.

Because YES, at a certain point, it IS about the money. Money gives us security and safety. It empowers us. It gives us confidence and swagger. We work hard and we deserve it.

And it’s about damn time Latinas got paid.

Please let me know if you’d like more information about how to become a software engineer or if you’re a Latina looking for someone to be in your corner. I’m here for you!

Also, you might want to check out BeVisible, the career network for LatinX.