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Why Partnerships Matter

What I Gain from Working With an Awesome Partner

I have always worked solo. I started my own content company, managed people and projects, initiated products/services — all by myself. I had always worked, so I never thought of opening up to other ways of working

Then I met Noa. We met at a google program for women on maternity leave who want to learn more about the startup world. In this program we heard a lot about the golden number of founders:

You need two or three founders to succeed. Going solo is hard and rarely leads to success.

I hated this golden rule since I always worked on my own and thought I’ll do just fine. As we met more and more entrepreneurs, who stressed how hectic startup life is, my shield of working alone started to crack. Even though I had significant business experience, I accepted the notion that there is a difference between businesses and startups.

Startups are characterized by, among other things, the time factor. Everything is measured in speed. You can have a wonderful idea that would do brilliantly in the business world but if you don’t deliver fast enough — raise money, users and exit or IPO it might fail. New ideas and players will win you and your idea. The rules are different. It occurred to me that maybe going solo wouldn’t be enough in this new game.

Noa and I had different startups in mind, however she was always giving me advice from her field of expertise till one day we made it official and she joined Memontage as Co-Founder and COO.

In eight months we have had our share of challenges. Like that moment, 3 weeks before launch, the programmer said ‘I have no idea how to code this!’ We have had our differences, difficulties and hardships. Not only did I have to face the pressures that come with startup life, I also have to get used to working with others.

It starts with the most basic and childish fact that I can no longer call it MY startup. It continues with having to share my thoughts and plans with another who might doubt or second guess them. Of course there is an upside here, but for a rookie like me it is challenging.

The bottom line is “damn! this is great”, and I want to focus on the advantages Noa brought to my life:

Noa (right) and me

I have a brilliant colleague that brings new insights to any step we take and an immediate go-to person to challenge and consult with. It’s no longer a one woman show but two minds combined.

Noa is a rare talent in her field. A perfect partner that completes the abilities I lack. No one is perfect in everything — thus choosing someone who adds to your abilities is crucial.

Having a Co-Founder is doubling the engine power. It’s extra energy to fly us high and up. At the beginning of each startup there are endless grey tasks. The workload is impossible thus having someone to split the load is a must. There are so many responsibilities that having a Co- Founder can help realize them and take control of things that there’s no chance you can accomplish on your own.

In addition, there are meetings that go far from how you expected, emails you sent and never got back and many reasons to feel down about. Having someone with you to pump up the energies can really lift up.

As a result of having a business partner my life gained a healthy balance.
At home, I can focus on other things rather than work. I don’t need to drag my spouse into endless work-related dilemmas.

Now, there are two of us fanatics who believe in our platform and vision. Two women on a meaningful mission to ease others’ pain.

I have a friend to cry with and cry to when things don’t work out as I imagine or as fast as I would wish. I have an insider, one that knows immediately what’s wrong and why the tears start dropping.

Having Noa with me strengthens my drive to succeed. If working alone has its moments of doubt and question marks, working together keeps you motivated almost non-stop.

I have partner to work with in the wee hours and that makes a huge difference.

Thanks to Noa’s presence I am challenging myself not only to work in a
partnership but also to think much bigger. It’s having someone with you, who believes in you, that gives you the confidence to reach for the stars.

Work can be fun! If you have someone to laugh with on the go, someone who knows exactly what’s on your plate and why you’re stressed or gloomy and make you smile or share a hug, the rest is possible.

So, although I’m left handed, having a right hand is the RIGHT thing for me.

It is a big change that teaches and enriches me.

What have you learned about your partnerships?

How do you split the responsibilities?

What’s the best thing about not working by yourself?

What did you learn from your partner and yourself in the process?

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