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Why the World Needs this WomenInTech Snapchat Channel

I’ve been active on Snapchat for several years now and I’ve used the channel to story-tell my day to friends and family that live around the map. I often comment that Snapchat is our generation’s closest thing to teleportation. With one tap, you can teleport to another world — you can be at your brother’s soccer game in FL, or at your good friend’s birthday celebration in SF, or even receive advice in real-time from the tech industry’s leading investors and entrepreneurs.

Snapchat is an incredible product like that — since it’s such a personal lens, you get a direct POV of someone’s lifestyle, routine, and hustle — should they care to share it.

There’s great power in sharing actively on Snapchat. For one, it holds you accountable. When you snap “I’m heading to the gym later,” there’s a sense of added pressure for you to follow-through as not only does it help you, it helps inspire others. Justin Kan does an excellent job of this. #FitnessIsTheFirstStepToGreatness — Preach JKan, preach.

Another incredibly powerful element about Snapchat is its ability to help you get to know and learn from folks that you typically wouldn’t have direct access to. Video is the most powerful form of content and the cutoff of ten seconds forces users to be concise.

This is an especially important element that can be a huge benefit for diverse candidates in the professional world. The reason there is such a wide gap in diversity in tech is due to the sheer lack of early exposure and resources that many diverse candidates unfortunately do not or cannot have access to.

Snapchat is an interesting product as if you follow the right people, it can be an incredibly powerful channel to learn, connect and be inspired.

That being said, when I run a search, why are all the lists of ‘Top People in Tech to follow on Snapchat’ all men? I know that there’s a strong squad of us women who are hustling day in day out and I look forward to discovering and highlighting more women on Snapchat who are sharing their stories.

At the moment, Snapchat isn’t strong in helping you discover new people with similar interests whom you’d like to follow. As a resolve towards the #DiversityInTech issue that I’m extremely passionate about, I’m excited to share the @WomenInTech Snapchat channel with you!

Every weekday, a woman from around the world in the tech community will do a Snapchat takeover sharing what she’s working on, actively answering questions and sharing insights and advice based on her experience.

@WomenInTech is a channel for women to discover other badass women in tech who are also active on Snapchat. It’s a place where women can learn, discover, connect, story-tell and get inspired.

As a side-note: if you are a power-boss-lady and you don’t know how to best utilize Snapchat to story-tell, please reach out to me directly. I’d be happy to connect with you and share a quick product 101. This is a powerful channel that we all need to start paying attention to ladies. #AheadOfTheGame

Let’s do this thing! Add @WomenInTech on Snapchat now and let’s bridge the gap in diversity in tech. Reach out to me if interested in doing a takeover! This upcoming week’s takeovers include Anarghya Vardhana, investor at Maveron and Dayana Falcon of Maker Studios (The Walt Disney Company).

Snap ya later fam! #WhoRunTheWorld?

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