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Why We STILL Need To Talk About The Gender Pay Gap

I’ll admit, I’m a bit bored of talking about the gender pay gap. It’s one of those beyond ridiculous things that we know exists and we know is categorically wrong. We also know that even though it has been discussed at length, very little has been done about this systemic problem and it pretty much becomes overshadowed by more important topics.

Having said this, seeing the statistics in black and white is pretty hard to ignore. The BBC recently published the salaries of those earning more than £150,000 a year and the difference between what the top male and female talent takes home is in no way small. It was revealed that of the people who earned over £250,000, there were nine women and 25 men. Gary Lineker earned at least £1.75 million last year while Sue Barker, the highest earning female sports presenter was paid £349,999. The highest paid man at the BBC, Chris Evans, was paid more than four times that of Claudia Winkleman, the BBC’s highest paid woman.

Whilst it’s easy to look at the initial payroll of BBC presenters with an eye roll as they get paid triple the amount, the statistics are pretty hard to just glance over. Now we have the numbers from one of the country’s biggest service providers, we’re forced to face just how big of an issue this is.

Why is it that in 2017, women are still faced with such scrutiny? Why is it that women are portrayed as inferior to their male colleagues? Why are we, in 2017, so progressive yet still living with the 1950s ideal? Yes, women have come a long way since then & have gained significant rights but we’ve still got a long way to go.

Here’s hoping that seeing it all laid out is a good thing for the fight for more level pay scales. Maybe now, women and working will be taken seriously.