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WIT Mumbai: A New Hope For Women In Tech

Women In Tech(WIT) is a non-profit community dedicated to inspire women to excel in engineering careers. WIT endeavors to provide a technological platform and an avenue for women to collaborate and create.

There is a growing need to empower women with skills that would enable them to progress professionally and introduce them in environments where networking and membership is valued.

WIT understands and appreciates the gender equity efforts taken by all major tech firms.

This has lead to an increase in the number of women in core technological teams of many companies. We are a group of female programmers who come together to help each other, in terms of programming and in terms of life in general and to support each other on a professional & sometimes personal level.

The major part of our activities includes sharing job opportunities, discussing new developments in terms of coding (like Android adopting Kotlin a few weeks ago), collaborating for self-development (like writing better code), sharing fun ways to apply programming skills in real-world scenarios (like how to impress your crush using your programming skills) and, most importantly, networking and growing together as a collective.

Right from the start of this group, we have met, and helped several women gain confidence. Many of our members who were stuck in the echo chambers of their tech teams have now started participating in different Hackathons, in different cities.

The First ever meeting was conducted on International women’s day (IWD) on 8th March 2017. We talked about our experience, shared knowledge and inspired each other.

“Everyday, remind yourself that… You are the BEST!!”, the First WIT Mumbai Meet on 8th March 2017

In May, 11 of us participated in SheHack – a Hackathon for women organized by the Go-Jek in Bangalore.

SHEHACK Bengaluru 2017

The sheer participation was in itself an eye-opening experience for all of us and mostly for the women who came from humble backgrounds.

SHEHACK Bengaluru 2017

It was an achievement to be selected to showcase our programming skills on an international platform.

A group that grows because of inclusiveness and support that our members extend to each other.

We are a local community, trying to connect with global developers in a creative way by inviting them remotely by conducting monthly Meetups.

WIT is trying to have a positive impact on the community and build something that could help people and make their lives more comfortable.

It’s a group that thrives on diversity.

As the group grows, we have included certified android developers (Google, Coursera), android lead programmers (having a million downloads on Play Store/App Store), women who have just started to code (and already learning VR), React Native and Javascript developers, and even MBAs from top global universities like Stanford (who started as coders). It’s a group that thrives on diversity. And a group that grows because of inclusiveness and support that our members extend to each other.

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