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Women Are Indispensable to the Tech Industry — Here’s Why

Women Are Indispensable to the Tech Industry — Here’s Why

The tech industry has, for the past few years, been exploding with innovation and has become the very center of many of our lives. It’s enabled us to communicate, explore and create. The language of technology, code, is the language of the future — a superpower. But in the world’s current state it seems to be a superpower belonging almost exclusively to men.

Although the world has been progressing at an unimaginable pace, our society is still ridden with a multitude of problems. Patriarchal undertones are still imbued in the society of every nation regardless of their level of development, and this is a phenomenon especially prevalent in the tech industry — making it no surprise that many girls and women find themselves hesitant to join it. They’re under-represented, frequently underpaid, passed for promotions and subject to everyday sexism.

The struggle of women in tech

What the world doesn’t seem to realize however, is the pressing need for this industry to become more inclusive of women. Diversity in tech is desperately needed — and it’s proven by research. Inclusion and collaboration with people of different genders, races, and ethnicities results in having in enhanced innovation and better problem-solving skills. Increased gender diversity leads to increased skills diversity and decreased gender discrimination. Decreased gender discrimination and an increase in women in the industry results in a larger variety of candidates to choose employees from, meaning companies can pick the best of candidates. All of this leads to not only a reduction in the gender pay gap, but an increase in the revenue of companies.

There are also innumerable products which target female audiences specifically which simply cannot be executed well by males. The fact that the tech industry is male-dominated means that such products lack innovation and understanding. According to research conducted by Kantar, it has been seen that when female targeted products are designed by men, women feel “the products are not designed for them, communication does not speak to them and customer service does not understand them.”

The Girl Code, as today’s youth, strongly believes that differences in opinion, belief and thought process drive innovation and carry us into the future. Diversity is indispensable — it results in out-of-the-box thinking, open-mindedness, and amazing new ideas and innovations. I also believe that giving these out-of-the-box thinkers — these groups of innovators from all walks of life the tools to innovate, that is, technology, will result in something wonderful. Encouraging girls and women to code doesn’t mean that just one person, one society or one industry is impacted. It means innovation, equality and progress. It means that our world is impacted.

Today, women make up only a fraction of the tech industry. But there’s change in the air. Initiatives like as these aren’t only changing the lives of individuals, but are also changing the very structure of our world. Tomorrow, women will be the leaders of the industry — with girls like these among them.