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Women can make money in Crypto. Don’t let the men make all the money!

As a woman, I am observant of the things and the world around me.

For the past few years, I kept on hearing the word “Bitcoin” and I thought it was a trend. A trend, which I could both ignore, and a word, which would just go away.

The word “Bitcoin” has not gone away. After denying it’s existence I finally decided to learn how to purchase Bitcoin. After my first purchase, my desire for Bitcoin grew. The more I would purchase, the more I would research Bitcoin and try to truly understand who, where and why it was invented.

What I learned was Satoshi (Nakamoto) invented a peer-to-peer software for transferring cash. Using cryptography and computer science he created crypto currency.

After opening a “Coinbase” account, I started looking at what ethereum and litecoin are and again invested in these assets. I then found my first ICO (initial coin offering), which is like a company IPO, and started reading the simplistic explanation of a new company. Granted, without a deep background in finance, I have been managing my own personal stock portfolio for the past 7 years, one can read, think and choose to do investments on their own or we can decide to hire someone to help us do our portfolio management.

What I immediately realized is how big the Bitcoin revolution is. When we look back to this moment in time, we will realize how significant the introduction of the Blockchain would be to the future of finance and what it means when a currency goes digital.

I do not believe we have ever in our lives seen anything like what is coming. Satoshi did not just invent a way to move money directly, he invented the Blockchain. In doing so, decentralization happened and will probably affect every part of our lives. Just read Vitalik’s explanation for more details

It is true. I did not immediately understand Blockchain or decentralization so quickly, so don’t expect to. I found the more I learned about this, the more interesting this subject area became to me.

I appreciate this is universal money. Something we have not truly experienced before in our history. A new system is coming into power which distermediates the power of the financial system from the power of the people and for the first time, we the people can do things, which before were protected inside of walled gardens.

ICO’s will more than replace the old way of attracting capital for IPO’s.

The usage of tokens appeared in 2013 when Ethereum became one of the most successful distributions of tokens. Crowd funding globally is not only more dissipated it is more equitable.

ICO’s are also a great way to get HYPE (attention) of investments without all of the work it takes to do the IPO, which can save a company a lot more money. Every investor who gets in early cannot only get an incredible price, but usually there are bonus tokens too. The gain can be over 1000 %, high risk can lead to high gains.

I’m an American capitalist but yet I loved what I learned…. politically I’m neither a republican or a democrat, I’m a libertarian!! Wow, just like that I saw the future and I embraced it! I am not a financial advisor, I am just sharing some of my musings, my observations and my passion for this economic evolution.

Since I’m writing this rather early on in the evolution, one can still invest in tokens (coins) and perhaps make a great investment. It could take days or years to increase in volume, but that is the beauty of it. Choosing what you believe in can bring some rather large rewards. Look at how many Bitcoin millionaires there are already! I am sharing my voice in an attempt to attract more women into this field for both investing and creating. I have not given my opinion here on which tokens I have invested in, but I will going forward share my thoughts on many coins and ICO’s if there is an interest.

Sometimes there is nothing like a woman’s perspective. Us women, stop, think, decide AND execute! We are more likely to have creative vision and see what is out of place. We are more likely paying attention and actually thinking and speaking at a faster pace. There are so few of us interested in crypto currency, it’s time more of us join the evolution and help build it together while making some good investments too!