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Women Empowerment In The Tech World: How To Elevate The Ratio From 20%

We have been debating women empowerment for years now, but the participation of the female gender in some professions is hardly noticeable. Take the example of the tech world. There are few females in the technology field today. In fact, their ratio is merely 20%.

Let’s now focus on the ways by which this alarmingly 20% of women in the technology-related professions can be improved.

The Pay Gap Between Men & Women Should Be Eliminated

The wage gap between men and women is one of the most significant barriers for women joining the tech world. There are debates about equality but it surprising to learn that 63% of the time, women receive lower salary proposals than men for the same post in the same company.

Also, there has been a sweeping difference noted between women-led companies and men-led companies in terms of receiving investment. In the year 2016, women-led companies collected $1.46 billion in investments while men-led companies got $58.2 billion

We can’t push women to take up the technical jobs unless we nib pay gap between the two genders in the bud. By far, removing the wage gap should be our priority.

Women Working In The Tech World Should Become Role Models

The tech world is undoubtedly male-dominated, and women hardly have any role models to inspire them towards this field. But whatever marginal number of women are serving at the top positions should encourage the participation of the female gender by sharing their experiences. This simple operation will efficiently focus on infusing self-belief in women. Self-belief is the key to success.

Increasing Science & Technology Awareness In Females From A Young Age

It all starts in the early years of girls’ education. Generally, women don’t opt for science and technology in schools. There is a lack of encouragement for them, which stops them from choosing science and technology. It has become a norm now to label girls as the non-tech gender. There are two dominant factors which are the main root of this problem.

a) Loneliness

If some girls show courage and break stereotypes by selecting the science faculty, they face a tremendous amount of solitude in college life because mostly boys surround them. Support from like-gender company is necessary to keep you at ease with your studies.

b) Teasing

Other than isolation, girls are teased for showing their interest in science. The bullying needs to be stopped by all means since it is proving to be a very damaging and discouraging factor for females.

Decency At Workplaces 

Even if some ambitious women break into the tech world, they find it difficult to retain their job – thanks to the ever-growing incidents of sexual harassments. As many as 37% of women blamed the work environment as the main reason to leave the company.

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Sexual harassment is a common problem faced by women in our society. But imagine, when men largely dominate at a workplace, how can women feel secure? That’s why women frequently complain about a lack of respect from their male counterparts in the tech world. According to the same study, one in ten women gets unwanted sexual attention. Such an atmosphere can never send positive vibes to the female gender.

Women have been vocal about this toxic behavior as Jennifer Grand, a well-known figure in the tech world and CEO at MHR Writers said:

“I really don’t know whether we are progressing faster in technology or sexual harassment.”

Companies Should Learn About The Benefits Of Gender Diversity

Diversity can improve productivity in the workplace. When there are only a handful of women lurking around a lot of men, they will be so conscious of their presence that they can hardly give their best. Entrepreneurs should really invest in promoting diversity.

That way, companies will send a positive message to the young female generation that they are equally accepted in the tech world just like men. Many women don’t consider making a career in the field of technology because they believe they will never get an equal opportunity in a male-superior atmosphere.  The perception of this bias can be ended by treating women equally and fairly at the workplaces.

A Women-Friendly Hiring Process

“Hiring process doesn’t need to be looked like hijacking process” – Alanah John, HR manager at Crowd Writer.

The hiring process makes a lot of difference. Companies which have the intention to promote gender equality yet they don’t get enough female candidates. Well, there are a few things that they need to keep in mind.

  • The psyche of men and women differ a lot when they apply for a job. If your description is not skillfully crafted then girls are not going to feel motivated to apply. Separate the “required skills” from “additional skills” while making a job description. Men will apply for the job if they possess half of the mentioned skills in the job description, but girls generally don’t apply until they have 100 % of the asked skills.
  • Most of the time the interview panel hardly has any female participants. Increase the number of ladies in the interview panel. It will give female candidates more confidence to speak their mind.
  • Make the females of your office visible to the new candidates.
  • Include women in the picture for the job advertisement.

Offer Flexible Jobs & Facilities

The flexibility of time proves to be a mounting problem for a woman, especially when she becomes a mother. So many females don’t fit in the tech world after becoming a mother because companies don’t offer feasible facilities to women.

Companies should come up with paid leaves, nursing places, an accompanying nanny if they travel, opportunities to work from home, and so on. According to a survey, a large number of families are spending 10% to 20% of their income on childcare.

We have a long way to go, but if enforced successfully, all these aforesaid perks can really be a driving force for women to join the tech world.

Stella Lincoln
Stella Lincoln is a single mother. She has a niche for writing and has a personal blog named Educator House where she writes about education, management, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship. The author holds a first class master’s degree in finance and currently serving as a finance and business tutor at AcademistHelp.