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Women in Tech need to talk about Tech

For the past months I noticed that the Women in Tech topic has been getting a lot more traction (which is a good thing). However, I strongly believe that we can make tech more inclusive if we ask women to talk about technology and what they are creating in this field. This goes beyond having women just talking about the whole women in tech situation.

As we have more women who work in tech talk about technology, more people will get used to this and I think that the unconscious bias will become smaller. This can also help men in the sense that they can (in their subconscious) associate that they learned about technology through a talk that a woman gave.

We need to have a balance of conversations and not just have women in tech talk about Women in Tech. With this motivation I decided to start a podcast called The Women in Tech Show where I interview women in tech and talk about technology topics, what they are working on and what they have worked on the past, and some tips on career development. So far it has been very enjoyable to be able to talk about technology and products from diverse areas.

Working at Microsoft we have monthly Q&A based sessions with our leaders with an audience that is mostly women, and I’ve noticed a deep interest in learning from successful people in technology. This was another motivation that prompted me to start a weekly podcast. Although there are not very women in the technology field, hopefully this will change in the next few years. I’m looking forward to continuing having these conversations and helping others learn and have the courage to explore different paths within technology.

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