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Women in Tech: Stop technology being something to fear

I’ve been volunteering at the Slovak University of Technology over the past 7 years and during this time I discovered an interesting fact. It is not only girls aged 15–17 who are deciding about their future career. More experienced women are asking similar questions — “how can I get into tech and where do I start?”

While studying at the Slovak University of Technology I volunteered with a non-profit organisation called Aj Ty v IT (You too in Tech). Our aim was to teach young girls how to code and inspire them to begin a career in tech. And we are now ready for a new challenge:

Can we help mothers on maternity leave to gain technical skills which will enable them to start their own business or increase their value in the job market?

For me as a woman in tech and soon-to-be mother, it is an ideal topic to address. Our new workshop will include a number of sessions for female students, the general public as well women on maternity leave. We will be introducing our students to 4 key areas; the general concepts of Public-cloud solutions, Web-hosting options, the basics of Web administration in CMS systems and finally Internet security. Most importantly we want to change participants’ perception about technology; far from being something to fear, we aim to demonstrate that technology is accessible to all students and will allow them to reach their full potential.

These workshops will take place at Faculty of Informatics and Information technologies in Bratislava, Slovakia on Friday 22nd September.

Women Tester Academy

For the first time this year, I am happy to announce that this organisation has started a course for the Women Tester Academy (WTA) for all women that are considering changing their careers. Classes are held in the evenings during October and November 2017 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Those who succeed in passing the WTA training will be ISTQB-certified and bespoke human resources consultancy services will be provided to help them land their first job in the field of software testing.

Help us to get more women into tech. You can support by donating or use your professional skills and time to help.