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Happy new year!

I’m Afreen, the founder of Fabricode. In 2017, when I was struck by a lack of representation for women in STEM fashion, Fabricode was born. The point of Fabricode was representation, and the creation of a new narrative.
But I have to be honest, I hadn’t quite been true to the message myself. I wanted this platform to be about the work being done at Fabricode and the wonderful women we seek to highlight. For all my talk of you can’t be, what you can’t see, I had to admit I was hiding myself away for numerous reasons. Not least being that I’m a huge introvert.

I love helping and mentoring people, especially young girls. I’m about being my true authentic self, and inspiring change but terrified of being the face of something.

I thought being about women in STEM, was a niche(sadly) enough narrative, without also being about a hijabi woman in Tech. But I want to make 2018 about maximizing my impact and for me that’s by doing the scary act of giving people a glimpse into my life. Announcing the Instagram account of the hijabi.techie. This will be about me, my work and of course Fabricode because that is an expression of my true self.

Hijabi Techie (@hijabi.techie) * Instagram photos and videos

I’m a hijabi, female, a techie, The Mother of Daemons and #ilooklikeanengineer. Join me on my journey?