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Many times when creating a business or an organization, we believe we know what the end customer wants. Many times we forget to ask our customer what they are looking for and how we can reach them. I believe we have done this with understanding how girls relate to technology and how we can keep them interested in tech.

But if we did, we would probably not be in the state we are in right now. The number of women in technology has been at a standstill for many years.

But there is always time to change this. We can still listen to our girls and understand how we can support them in their journey to become women in tech. Some of the advice is simple, like having parents who support their interests. Some of it is more complex, like making the learning of tech more fun.

In the beginning of June, TechGirlz held a panel comprised of our Teen Advisory Board members. They panel was eye opening. It was so informative we decided to submit that panel as a talk for SXSW. But the only way we can get our message out is by having people vote for our panel.

Hopefully you can help us by voting today and sharing with your network.